Face of Fashion: The insider's reading for the textile and clothing industry.

Face of Fashion is an independent news service published fortnightly. Only available as an annual subscription. It publishes all relevant revenue rankings of the clothing industry.

Face of Fashion: The Online Catalog

Why "Online Catalog"? This is easy to explain, because the user's true nature shows when he goes online. Here the user experiences the Online Catalog as user-friendly, meaningful and complete. It is the combination of print and the Internet which puts the database on an international platform. More than fifty thousand visits registered the domain every month with over a million hits. The print edition is published twice a year, updating readers for each order season.


Textilia is the leading source of information for Dutch professionals in the fashion industry. The unique combination of the magazine, website, newsletters and events makes Textilia an authority and an important discussion partner for professionals in the fashion industry. Textilia informs and inspires its readers on market developments, trends, buying behavior and brand preferences


FACES is a young, urban glossy magazine with a decent serving of thoughtfulness.

FACES offers fashion and glamour, exciting columns as well as fancy reports.

FACES is Rock'n'Roll on paper.

FACES distinguishes itself in form and content from other magazines by its distinctive style and content.

FACES always keeps authentic and belongs to the top in fashion.


STYLEBOOK.DE is where celebrity news meet professional fashion journalism.

STYLEBOOK.DE stands for a modern online lifestyle magazine for celebrities, fashion and beauty.

On STYLEBOOK.DE you will find quality celebrity stories, the latest style trends, the most famous fashion blogs and looks when ordering.