A widget or mini application is a small computer program that is not run as a stand-alone application, but which is incorporated into a graphical user interface (e.g. desktop) or a website.

Our standard Storefinder Widget offers the simple search for a label at a specific location. It will show stores with their address and additional labels available. With a click you will get the detailed screen of Google maps.

To extend your own services we offer interested internet portals the opportunity to feature a widget on their websites. It is still a beta version and is currently being tested so we can make any possible adjustments if required.

Unlike our Geo search, the Geo data here is supplied via Google and doesn’t only refer to cities, but also surroundings, streets, building names, etc. We’re looking forward to hearing your feedback.

Here is our standard widget:

You can integrate our widget onto your own website in just a few minutes - your users will thank you for it.

  • list of shops

    example 1
  • shops with labels

    example 2
  • shops on map

    example 3
  • shops with street view

    example 4

Try it yourself, just enter label and location

  • Your design with the hint powered by TheLabelFinder
  • Enter label name
  • Enter location
  • Your design
  • Link to TheLabelFinder

Terms of use

After accepting the following conditions you are entitled to implement our widget on your website:

  • Pictures and colors can be matched to the needs of your website
  • Hyperlinks within the widget must not be modified nor removed
  • A link to TheLabelFinder has to be placed somewhere visible on the website where it is integrated
  • The data may not be shared or sold to third parties
  • We have to be informed about the integration of our widget