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The AW16 collection–

Our ambition has always been to help you move freely between occasions. Clothes should never get in the way, whether you’re going to a family reunion, a dinner party or jazzing it up on the town with friends.

The AW 16 collection speaks to that way of thinking, but we’ve loosened up a bit and the blazer models we’ve previously featured are no longer quite so austere. Now our clothes feel a little younger and bolder. And working with black is something fairly new for us.

We think that black’s strength is most apparent when everything works in concert to create a harmonious whole. So we’ve gone to town with the details. Everything is uniform down to the last button.

The effect is best when it’s pretty much in your face.

Everything — buttons, zippers and other details have been thoroughly reworked to create a perfectly monochromatic whole.

By now I think most people who are familiar with us know that we work a lot with Japanese fabrics. These fabrics continue to be a vital part of our look and make up the major part of this collection. We love the way they seem to possess a soul. They are elaborate, irregular and genuine. If you get off on craftsmanship and detail you just have to love Human Scales!

We are very pleased to offer welted shoes at such modest prices. This is a perfect marriage. We think there’s something classic about men’s shoes of the utmost quality and we enhance this with a fresher and younger design. The welted line is another step in our quest for quality. We offer some 20 new models at unbeatable prices.

A brand new material for us is raw rubber that we will use on a new last. A desert boot. We feel we’re going in the right direction — matching our jeans and a relaxed posture.

Human Scales has a tradition of creating clothing with a heritage. Often workwear. In short, clothing imbued with history. Our B3 bomber jackets in shearling are typical Human Scales garments. I have to say that model Burt in total monochrome black shearling with zip trims conveys the spirit of AW16 perfectly.

Past collections has been marked by a fairly tight silhouette. A good fit is and remains important to us, but we can say we have redefined it. We seem to be moving toward a more relaxed style, and this means a more relaxed fit. The future together with us is boxy, wider and more comfortable. It is stylistically pure — totally free and easy.

Show all shops for HUMAN SCALES in London

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