Designer: Eugenie Schmidt & Mariko Takahashi
Place of origin: Berlin
Country of origin: Germany


Schmidttakahashi Spring/Summer 2014

Dealing with mass production and consumption of fashion lay down the basic principle of schmidttakahashi's exceptional designs. In producing unique one-off pieces from a selection of used garments that are archived in a database, in which clients can retrace each item’s story, they offer new aesthetics in high fashion based on the interaction of material and design. Reams of boxes with phased-out jeans were the starting point in inspiring schmidttakahashi's S/S 2014 collection.

White shirt and blue jeans as a daily uniform lend an almost homogeneous appearance to society. At first glance, they may all look alike. But after having a closer look, one notices the individual characteristics of every single pair of pants. Washed-out colors, rubbed-of spots - the former wearer left his marks on the garment. This patina-like transformation of stru ture and color is a distinctive trait of the whole collection. The individually transformed surfaces of used jeans provide the aesthetical and material basis for creating new garments. In selecting particular zones of the surface, they are given new breath in a heterogeneous appearance.

The collection is defined by straight cuts, based on classical pattern making and constructed in a modern way through patchwork. Dividing, d constructing and cutting in geometrical shapes, as well as recomposing these stripes and squares in symmetrical formations, undermines uniformity and reflects a casual elegance. This mix of jeans affects the collection's overall image. Blue stands out as the dominant color, ranging from dark, almost-black-blue, to grey and light-blue. The palette is contrasted and refined by beige and white, which lead back to the daily uniformity of white shirts and blue jeans.

The unique design process, influenced by original materials, profiles the character of schmidttakahashis's S/S 2014 collection. Conventional shapes and colors are redefined within a new context. Schmidttakahashi manage to revive second hand jeans and transfer them into an elegant, yet casual look: Distinctive one-of-a-kind creations evolve from once standard-look items.